Quran in English - Translated by Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani
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87. The Most High | al-A’la

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

[87:1] Pronounce the purity of the name of your most exalted Lord,
[87:2] who created (everything), then made (it) well,
[87:3] and who determined a measure (for everything), then guided (it),
[87:4] and who brought forth pasturage,
[87:5] then turned it into a blackening stubble.
[87:6] We will make you recite, then you will not forget.
[87:7] except that which Allah wills. Indeed He knows what is manifest and what is hidden.
[87:8] And We will facilitate for you (to reach) the easiest way.
[87:9] So, extend advice (to people) if advice is useful.
[87:10] The one who fears (Allah) will observe the advice,
[87:11] and it will be avoided by the most wretched one
[87:12] who will enter the Biggest Fire,
[87:13] then he will neither die therein, nor live (a desirable life).
[87:14] Success is surely achieved by him who purifies himself,
[87:15] and pronounces the name of his Lord, then offers prayer.
[87:16] But you prefer the worldly life,
[87:17] while the Hereafter is much better and much more durable.
[87:18] Indeed this is (written) in the earlier divine scripts,
[87:19] the scripts of Ibrahim and Musa.