Meaning of Quran

Al-Mumtahanah | She that is to be Examined

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

O you who believe, do not take My enemies and your enemies for friends, expressing love with them, while they have
rejected the Truth that has come to you, expelling the Messenger and your selves (from Makkah) merely because you
have faith in Allah who is your Lord, if you have set out to do Jihad (struggle) in My way, and to seek My pleasure. You
express love with them secretly, while I know what you have concealed and what you have revealed. Any of you who
does this has missed the straight path.

Should they have access to you, they will become your enemies, and will stretch their hands and tongues towards you
with evil; and they desire that you should reject the (true) faith.

Neither your womb-relations nor your children will benefit you on the Day of Judgment. He will decide between you,
and Allah is watchful of what you do.

Indeed, there is an excellent example for you in Ibrahim and those with him, when they said to their people, .We disown
you and what you worship instead of Allah. We disbelieve in you. Enmity and hatred has arisen between us and you
forever, unless you believe in Allah alone.,__ but (his example is) not (to be followed) in what Ibrahim said to his father,
.I will pray to my Lord for your forgiveness, and I have no power from Allah (to do any thing) for you.. __ .O our Lord, in
You alone we trust, and to You alone we turn for help, and to You is the final return.

Our Lord, do not make us persecuted by those who disbelieve, and forgive us, our Lord! You, only You, are the AllMighty, the All-Wise..

Indeed, for you there is an excellent example in them, for anyone who hopes (to meet) Allah and the Last Day. And if
one turns away, Allah is Free of all needs, Worthy of all Praise.

It is hoped that Allah will bring about love between you and those of them with whom you have enmity. Allah is
Powerful, and Allah is Most-forgiving, Very-Merciful.

Allah does not forbid you as regards those who did not fight you on account of faith, and did not expel you from your
homes, that you do good to them, and deal justly with them. Surely Allah loves those who maintain justice.

Allah forbids you only about those who fought you on account of faith, and expelled you from your homes, and helped
(others) in expelling you, that you have friendship with them. Those who develop friendship with them are the

O you who believe, when the believing women come to you as emigrants, put them to a test. Allah knows best about
their faith. So, if you find them faithful, do not send them back to the disbelievers. 3 Neither these (women) are lawful
for them, nor are those (disbelievers) lawful for these (women). And give them (the disbelievers) that (dower) which
they had paid (to these women). And there is no sin for you if you marry them, when you give them their dowers. And
do not hold on to the ties of marriage with the disbelieving women, and ask (their new Non-Muslim husbands to pay to
you) that (dower) which you had paid (to your previous wives), and they (the previous Non-Muslim husbands of the
Muslim women) should ask (their new Muslim husbands) to pay that (dower) which they had paid (to their previous
wives). That is the decision of Allah. He decides between you. And Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

And if some of your (Non-Muslim) wives have slipped from you, (and their present Non-Muslim husbands do not pay to
you the dower as aforesaid,) and you have your turn (of paying dower to the previous Non-Muslim husbands of your
present wives), then (instead of paying dower to them,) give those whose wives have slipped the like amount of what
they had paid (to them). And fear Allah, the One in whom you believe.

O you who believe, when the believing women come to you, seeking bai‘ah (a pledge of allegiance) with you that they
will not ascribe any partner to Allah, and will not commit theft, and will not commit fornication, and will not kill their
children, and will not come up with a false claim (about the parentage of a child) that they falsely attribute (to the
sperm of their husbands being dropped) between their hands and their feet (i.e. their private parts), and will not
disobey you in what is recognized (in Shariah), then take them in your bai‘ah, and pray Allah for their forgiveness. Surely
Allah is Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful.

O you who believe, do not have friendship with a people with whom Allah is angry. They have despaired from the
Hereafter as the infidels have despaired from those (buried) in the graves.