Meaning of Quran

Al-Mursalat | The Emissaries

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

(I swear) by those (winds) that are sent one after the other,

and by those that blow violently,

and by those that spread (clouds) all over,

and by those (angels) who differentiate (between right and wrong) distinctly,

then bring down the advice,

leaving no excuse (for the disbelievers) or giving warnings,

that which you are promised is sure to happen.

So, when the stars will be extinguished,

and when the sky will be split,

and when the mountains will be blown away as dust,

and when the messengers will be assembled at the appointed time, (then all matters will be decided.)

(Do you know) for which day has all this been delayed?

For the Day of Decision!

And what may let you know what the Day of Decision is?

Woe that Day to the deniers!

Did We not destroy the earlier people?

Then We will cause the later ones to follow them.

Thus We deal with the guilty people.

Woe that Day to the deniers!

Did We not create you from a worthless fluid?

Then We put it in a firm place of rest

for a known period.

Thus We did (all this with perfect) measure; so We are the best to measure.

Woe that Day to the deniers!

Did We not make the earth a container that collects

the living and the dead?

And We placed towering mountains therein, and provided you with sweet water to drink.

Woe that Day to the deniers!

(It will be said to them on that day,) .Push on to what you used to deny.

Push on to a canopy (of Hell‘s smoke) having three branches,

that neither has a comfortable shade, nor is it of any use against the scorching heat.

It emits sparks (as huge) as castles,

as if they were yellowish camels..

Woe that Day to the deniers!

This is the day when they will not speak,

nor will they be allowed to offer excuses.

Woe that Day to the deniers!

(It will be said to them,) .This is the Day of Decision. We have assembled you and the earlier ones together.

Now, if you have a trick, use the trick against Me..

Woe that Day to the deniers!

Of course, the God-fearing will be amid shades and streams,

and fruits of their desire.

It will be said to them, .Eat and drink with pleasure because of what you used to do..

This is how We reward those who do good deeds.

Woe that Day to the deniers!

.(O disbelievers,) eat and drink for a while! You are guilty ones..

Woe that Day to the deniers!

And when it is said to them, .Bow down (i.e. submit to Allah‘s commands)., they do not bow down.

Woe that Day to the deniers!

Now, in which discourse, after this, will they believe?