Meaning of Quran

Al-Qiyamah | The Resurrection

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

[75:1] I swear by the Day of Resurrection,

[75:2] and I swear by the self-reproaching conscience, (that Resurrection is a reality.)

[75:3] Does man think that We will never reassemble his bones?

[75:4] Why (can We) not (do so), while We are able to reset (even) his fingertips perfectly?

[75:5] But man wishes to go on violating Allah‘s injunctions (even in future) ahead of him.

[75:6] He asks, ‘When will be this Day of Resurrection?’

[75:7] So, when the eyes will be dazzled,

[75:8] and the moon will lose its light,

[75:9] and the sun and the moon will be joined together,

[75:10] on that day man will say, ‘Where to escape?’

[75:11] Never! There will be no refuge at all.

[75:12] On that day, towards your Lord will be the destination (of everyone.)

[75:13] Man will be informed of what he sent ahead and what he left behind.

[75:14] Rather, man will be a witness against himself,

[75:15] even though he may offer his excuses.

[75:16] (O Prophet,) do not move your tongue (during revelation) for (reciting) it (the Qur‘an) to receive it in hurry.

[75:17] It is surely undertaken by Us to store it (in your heart), and to let it be recited (by you after revelation is completed).

[75:18] Therefore, when it is recited by Us (through the angel), follow its recitation (by concentration of your heart).

[75:19] Then, it is undertaken by Us to explain it.

[75:20] Never, (your denial of Resurrection is never based on any sound reason!) Instead, you love that which is immediate,

[75:21] and neglect the Hereafter.

[75:22] Many faces, that day, will be glowing,

[75:23] looking towards their Lord,

[75:24] and many faces, that day, will be gloomy,

[75:25] realizing that a back-breaking calamity is going to be afflicted on them.

[75:26] Never, (you will never remain in this world forever!) When the soul (of a patient) reaches the clavicles,

[75:27] and it is said, ‘Who is an enchanter (that can save him?)’.

[75:28] and he realizes that it is (the time of) departure (from the world,)

[75:29] and one shank is intertwined with the other shank,

[75:30] then on that day, it is to your Lord that one has to be driven.

[75:31] So (the denier of the Hereafter) neither believed, nor prayed,

[75:32] but rejected the truth and turned away (from it),

[75:33] then he went to his home, puffed up with pride.

[75:34] (It will be said to such a man,) Woe to you, then woe to you!

[75:35] Again, woe to you, then woe to you!

[75:36] Does man presume that he will be left unchecked?

[75:37] Was he not an ejaculated drop of semen?

[75:38] Then he became a clot of blood, then He created (him) and made (him) perfect,

[75:39] and made from him two kinds, male and female.

[75:40] Has He no power to give life to the dead?