Meaning of Quran

Al-Waqi’ah | The Inevitable

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

When the Imminent Event (of Doom) will occur,

there will be no one to deny its occurrence.

It will be abasing (some), exalting (others)

when the earth will be jolted with a terrible jolt,

and the mountains will be crumbled a thorough crumbling,

until they will become dust, scattered in the air,

and you will be (divided into) three categories.

As for the People of the Right, how (lucky) are the People of the Right!

And the People of the Left ? How (wretched) are the People of the Left!

And the Foremost are the foremost.

Those are the ones blessed with nearness (to Allah)

in gardens of bliss,

many from the first generations,

and a few from the later ones.

(They will be sitting) on thrones woven with gold,

reclining on them, facing each other.

Immortal boys will rotate around them

with bowls and jugs and a goblet of pure wine,

from which they will neither suffer headache, nor will they be intoxicated,

_and with fruits that they choose,

and the flesh of birds that they desire.

And (for them there will be) houris, having lovely big eyes,

all (neat and clean) like a hidden pearl,

as a reward for what they used to do.

They will hear neither an absurd talk in it, nor something leading to sin,

but (they will hear) the words of Salam , Salam (as greetings).

And the People of the right? How (lucky) are the People of the Right!

(They will be) amid lote-trees with no thorns,

and the trees of TalH , (banana, or a fragrant tree) having layers one upon the other,

and a shade, spread all over,

and water, poured forth,

and a lot of fruits,

neither interrupted (in any season), nor prohibited,

and mattresses of high quality.

Surely We have made up those females in a special creation,

and have made them virgins,

amorous to their husbands, matching them in age,

for the People of the Right,

(comprising) many from the first generations,

and many from the later ones.

And the People of the Left? How (wretched) are the People of the Left!

(They will be) in scorching wind and boiling water,

and in a shade of black smoke,

neither cool nor graceful.

They were earlier in luxuries,

and used to persist in major sins,

and used to say, .Is it that when we die and become dust__is it that we will be raised again,

and our ancient fathers as well?.

Say, .All the earlier and the later ones

will be gathered together for a fixed time of a specified Day.

Then O you, the erring, the denying people,

you will have to eat from the tree of zaqqum,

and to fill with it the bellies,

then on top of it you will have to drink boiling water,

and to drink like camels suffering from the disease of over-thirst.

This will be their welcome entertainment on the Day of Requital.

We have created you; then why do you not believe in it?

So, tell Me about the semen you drop (in the wombs):

Is it you who create it, or are We the Creator?

We have appointed (the times of) death among you, and We cannot be frustrated

from replacing you with others like you, and creating you (afresh) in that (form) which you do not know.

And you certainly know the first creation; then why do you not take lesson?

Well, tell Me about that (seed) which you sow:

Is it you who grow it, or are We the One who grows?

If We so will, We can certainly make it crumbled, and you will remain wondering,

(and saying,) .We are laden with debt,

rather we are totally deprived..

Again, tell Me about the water you drink:

Is it you who have brought it down from the clouds, or are We the One who sends (it) down?

If We so will, We can make it bitter in taste. So why do you not offer gratitude?

Now tell Me about the fire you kindle:

Is it you who have originated its tree, 5 or are We the Originator?

We have made it a reminder (of Our infinite power, and of the fire of Hell) and a benefit for travelers in deserts.

So, proclaim purity of the name of your Lord, the Magnificent.

So, I swear by the setting places of the stars,

__and indeed it is a great oath, if you are to appreciate__

it is surely the Noble Qur‘an,

(recorded already) in a protected book (i.e. the Preserved Tablet)

that is not touched except by the purified ones (the angels).

__ a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.

Is it this discourse that you take lightly,

and take your denial as your livelihood?

So why (do you) not (intervene) when the soul (of a dying person) reaches the throat,

and you are watching?

And We are closer to him than you, but you do not perceive.
So, if you are not going to be recompensed (in the Hereafter for your deeds), then why do you not

bring the soul back, if you are truthful?

So, in case he (the dying person) is from among those blessed with nearness,

then (for him) there is comfort and fragrance and garden of bliss.

And in case he is from among the People of the Right,

then, (it will be said to him,) .Peace is for you, as you are one of the People of the Right..

But if he is one of the deniers, the astray,

then (for him) there is entertainment from boiling water,

and burning in the Hell.

Indeed this is certainty in its true sense.

So, proclaim purity of the name of your Lord, the Magnificent.