Quran in English - Translated by Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani
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56. The Event | al-Waqi’ah

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

[56:1] When the Imminent Event (of Doom) will occur,
[56:2] there will be no one to deny its occurrence.
[56:3] It will be abasing (some), exalting (others)
[56:4] when the earth will be jolted with a terrible jolt,
[56:5] and the mountains will be crumbled a thorough crumbling,
[56:6] until they will become dust, scattered in the air,
[56:7] and you will be (divided into) three categories.
[56:8] As for the People of the Right, how (lucky) are the People of the Right!
[56:9] And the People of the Left ? How (wretched) are the People of the Left!
[56:10] And the Foremost are the foremost.
[56:11] Those are the ones blessed with nearness (to Allah)
[56:12] in gardens of bliss,
[56:13] many from the first generations,
[56:14] and a few from the later ones.
[56:15] (They will be sitting) on thrones woven with gold,
[56:16] reclining on them, facing each other.
[56:17] Immortal boys will rotate around them
[56:18] with bowls and jugs and a goblet of pure wine,
[56:19] from which they will neither suffer headache, nor will they be intoxicated,
[56:20] _and with fruits that they choose,
[56:21] and the flesh of birds that they desire.
[56:22] And (for them there will be) houris, having lovely big eyes,
[56:23] all (neat and clean) like a hidden pearl,
[56:24] as a reward for what they used to do.
[56:25] They will hear neither an absurd talk in it, nor something leading to sin,
[56:26] but (they will hear) the words of Salam , Salam (as greetings).
[56:27] And the People of the right? How (lucky) are the People of the Right!
[56:28] (They will be) amid lote-trees with no thorns,
[56:29] and the trees of TalH , (banana, or a fragrant tree) having layers one upon the other,
[56:30] and a shade, spread all over,
[56:31] and water, poured forth,
[56:32] and a lot of fruits,
[56:33] neither interrupted (in any season), nor prohibited,
[56:34] and mattresses of high quality.
[56:35] Surely We have made up those females in a special creation,
[56:36] and have made them virgins,
[56:37] amorous to their husbands, matching them in age,
[56:38] for the People of the Right,
[56:39] (comprising) many from the first generations,
[56:40] and many from the later ones.
[56:41] And the People of the Left? How (wretched) are the People of the Left!
[56:42] (They will be) in scorching wind and boiling water,
[56:43] and in a shade of black smoke,
[56:44] neither cool nor graceful.
[56:45] They were earlier in luxuries,
[56:46] and used to persist in major sins,
[56:47] and used to say, .Is it that when we die and become dust__is it that we will be raised again,
[56:48] and our ancient fathers as well?.
[56:49] Say, .All the earlier and the later ones
[56:50] will be gathered together for a fixed time of a specified Day.
[56:51] Then O you, the erring, the denying people,
[56:52] you will have to eat from the tree of zaqqum,
[56:53] and to fill with it the bellies,
[56:54] then on top of it you will have to drink boiling water,
[56:55] and to drink like camels suffering from the disease of over-thirst.
[56:56] This will be their welcome entertainment on the Day of Requital.
[56:57] We have created you; then why do you not believe in it?
[56:58] So, tell Me about the semen you drop (in the wombs):
[56:59] Is it you who create it, or are We the Creator?
[56:60] We have appointed (the times of) death among you, and We cannot be frustrated
[56:61] from replacing you with others like you, and creating you (afresh) in that (form) which you do not know.
[56:62] And you certainly know the first creation; then why do you not take lesson?
[56:63] Well, tell Me about that (seed) which you sow:
[56:64] Is it you who grow it, or are We the One who grows?
[56:65] If We so will, We can certainly make it crumbled, and you will remain wondering,
[56:66] (and saying,) .We are laden with debt,
[56:67] rather we are totally deprived..
[56:68] Again, tell Me about the water you drink:
[56:69] Is it you who have brought it down from the clouds, or are We the One who sends (it) down?
[56:70] If We so will, We can make it bitter in taste. So why do you not offer gratitude?
[56:71] Now tell Me about the fire you kindle:
[56:72] Is it you who have originated its tree, 5 or are We the Originator?
[56:73] We have made it a reminder (of Our infinite power, and of the fire of Hell) and a benefit for travelers in deserts.
[56:74] So, proclaim purity of the name of your Lord, the Magnificent.
[56:75] So, I swear by the setting places of the stars,
[56:76] __and indeed it is a great oath, if you are to appreciate__
[56:77] it is surely the Noble Qur‘an,
[56:78] (recorded already) in a protected book (i.e. the Preserved Tablet)
[56:79] that is not touched except by the purified ones (the angels).
[56:80] __ a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
[56:81] Is it this discourse that you take lightly,
[56:82] and take your denial as your livelihood?
[56:83] So why (do you) not (intervene) when the soul (of a dying person) reaches the throat,
[56:84] and you are watching?
[56:85] And We are closer to him than you, but you do not perceive. [56:86] So, if you are not going to be recompensed (in the Hereafter for your deeds), then why do you not
[56:87] bring the soul back, if you are truthful?
[56:88] So, in case he (the dying person) is from among those blessed with nearness,
[56:89] then (for him) there is comfort and fragrance and garden of bliss.
[56:90] And in case he is from among the People of the Right,
[56:91] then, (it will be said to him,) .Peace is for you, as you are one of the People of the Right..
[56:92] But if he is one of the deniers, the astray,
[56:93] then (for him) there is entertainment from boiling water,
[56:94] and burning in the Hell.
[56:95] Indeed this is certainty in its true sense.
[56:96] So, proclaim purity of the name of your Lord, the Magnificent.