Meaning of Quran


An-Naba | The Tidings

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

[78:1] About what are they asking each other?

[78:2] About the Great Event

[78:3] in which they dispute!

[78:4] Indeed they will soon know.

[78:5] Again, indeed they will soon know.

[78:6] Did We not make the earth a floor,

[78:7] and the mountains bulwarks?

[78:8] And We have created you in pairs,

[78:9] and made your sleep a source of rest,

[78:10] and made the night a covering,

[78:11] and made the day a source of livelihood.

[78:12] And We have built seven strong (skies),

[78:13] and created a luminous lamp (the sun).

[78:14] And We have sent down abundant water from the rain-laden clouds,

[78:15] so that We bring out therewith grain and vegetation,

[78:16] and thick gardens.

[78:17] Surely the Day of Decision is an appointed time,

[78:18] a day when the trumpet will be blown, so you will come in multitudes,

[78:19] and the sky will be opened, so it will become as gates,

[78:20] and the mountains will be set in motion, so they will be as mirage.

[78:21] Surely Jahannam (the Hell) lurks in ambush.

[78:22] (It is) abode for the rebellious people

[78:23] who will be abiding in it for ages.

[78:24] They will taste nothing cool in it, nor a drink,

[78:25] except boiling water and pus,

[78:26] this being a punishment, fully commensurate (with their deeds).

[78:27] They did not expect (to face) accounting (of their deeds),

[78:28] and they rejected Our signs totally.

[78:29] And everything (from their deeds) is thoroughly recorded by Us in writing.

[78:30]’So now taste! We will add nothing to you but torment’.

[78:31] Of course, the God-fearing will have great achievement,

[78:32] gardens and grapes,

[78:33] and buxom maidens of matching age,

[78:34] and goblets filled up to the brim.

[78:35] They will not hear any vain talk therein, nor lies,

[78:36] this being a reward from their Lord, a well calculated grant,

[78:37] (from) the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, the All-Merciful. No one will have power to address Him,

[78:38] on the Day when the Spirit and the angels will stand in rows. They will not speak, except the one who is permitted by the Rahman (the All-Merciful Allah) and speaks aright.

[78:39] That is the Day that is sure to come. So whoever so wishes may take refuge with his Lord.

[78:40] We have warned you of an approaching torment (that will be inflicted) on a day when one will see what his hands have sent ahead, and the disbeliever will say, ‘O would that I had turned into dust’.