Meaning of Quran


An-Najm | The Star

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

[53:1] By the star when it goes down to set,

[53:2] your fellow (the Holy Prophet) has neither missed the way, nor did he deviate.

[53:3] He does not speak out of (his own) desire.

[53:4] It is but revelation revealed (to him).

[53:5] It is taught to him by one (angel) of strong faculties,

[53:6] the one of vigour. So he stood poised,

[53:7] while he was on the upper horizon.

[53:8] Then he drew near, and came down,

[53:9] so as he was at a distance like that of two bows (joined together), rather even nearer.

[53:10] Thus He (Allah) revealed to His slave what He revealed.

[53:11] The heart did not err in what he saw.

[53:12] Do you quarrel with him in what he sees?

[53:13] Indeed he saw him another time

[53:14] by Sidrat-ul-Muntaha (the lote-tree in the upper realm),

[53:15] near which there is Jannat-ul-Ma‘wa (the Paradise of Abode),

[53:16] when the lote-tree was covered by that which covered it.

[53:17] The eye neither went wrong nor did exceed the limit.

[53:18] He has indeed seen a part of the biggest signs of your Lord.

[53:19] Have you ever considered about the (idols of) Lat and Uzza,

[53:20] and about the other, the third (idol), namely, Manat?,

[53:21] Is it that you have males and He (Allah) has females?

[53:22] If so, it is a bizarre division.

These are nothing but names you and your fathers have invented; Allah has sent down no authority attached to them. They are following nothing but conjecture and what their own souls desire, while guidance from their Lord has surely reached them.

[53:24] Is it that man can get whatever he wishes?

[53:25] (No,) because to Allah alone belongs the (good of) the Hereafter and the former life (of this world).

[53:26] How many angels there are in the heavens whose intercession cannot benefit (anyone) at all, but after Allah allows (it) for whomsoever He wills and pleases.

[53:27] Those who do not believe in the Hereafter call the angels by the names of females.

[53:28] They do not have knowledge about it. They follow nothing but conjecture, and conjecture is of no avail in (the matter of) Truth.

[53:29] So, turn away from him who turns away from Our advice, and seeks nothing but (pleasure of) the worldly life.

[53:30] That is the limit of their access to knowledge. Indeed only your Lord knows well about the one who has gone astray from his way, and He knows well about the one who has adopted the right path.

[53:31] To Allah belongs whatever there is in the heavens and whatever there is in the earth, so that He gives punishment to evildoers for what they did, and gives good reward to those who did good,

[53:32] those who abstain from the major sins and from shameful acts, except minor involvements. Indeed your Lord is extensive in forgiveness. He knows you more than anyone else (from a time) when He created you from the earth and when you were embryos in the wombs of your mothers. So, do not claim purity (from faults) for your selves. He knows best who is God-fearing.

[53:33] Did you see the one who turned away,

[53:34] and gave a little, and stopped?

[53:35] Does he have knowledge of the Unseen whereby he sees (what he believes)?

Has he not been told of what was (revealed) in the scriptures of Musa

[53:37] and of Ibrahim who fulfilled (his duties)?

[53:38] (It was) that no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of the other,

[53:39] and that a man shall not deserve but (the reward of) his own effort,

[53:40] and that his effort will soon be seen,

[53:41] then he will be recompensed for it in full,

[53:42] and that to your Lord is the end (of everyone),

[53:43] and that He is the One who makes (one) laugh and makes (him) weep,

[53:44] and that He is the One who gives death and gives life,

[53:45] and that He creates the pairs, male and female,

[53:46] from a sperm-drop when it is poured (into a womb),

[53:47] and that the second creation is undertaken by Him,

[53:48] and that He is the One who gives wealth and preserves (it),

[53:49] and that He is the One who is the Lord of Sirius (the star worshipped by pagans),

[53:50] and that He has destroyed the earlier Ad,

[53:51] and Thamud, so spared none,

[53:52] and (destroyed) the people of Nuh even earlier. Surely they were more unjust and more rebellious.

[53:53] And He destroyed the overturned towns (of the people of Lut) also,

[53:54] so enveloped they were by that which enveloped.

[53:55] Then concerning which of your Lord‘s bounties would you remain in doubt?

[53:56] This (Prophet) is a warner from the (genus of the) previous warners.

[53:57] The Imminent (Hour of Judgment) has approached.

[53:58] There is no one, besides Allah, to remove it.

[53:59] Do you then wonder at this discourse,

[53:60] and laugh (at it), and not weep,

[53:61] while you are engaged in vain play?

[53:62] Now, fall down in prostration and worship (Allah).