Meaning of Quran

An-Nazi’at | Those Who Drag Forth

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

I swear by those (angels) who pull out (the souls of the infidels) with extreme force,

and by those (angels) who untie the knot (of the souls of the believers) smoothly,

and by those who float (in the atmosphere) swiftly,

then proceed forward quickly,

then manage (to do) everything (they are ordered to do,)

(you will be resurrected) on the Day when the shocking event (i.e. the first blowing of the trumpet) will shock

followed by the next one (i.e. the second blowing of the trumpet.)

On that day, hearts (of people) will be throbbing,

with their eyes downcast.

They (the infidels) say, .Are we going to be brought back to our former state (of Life)?

Is it when we are turned into decayed bones?.

They say, .If so, that will be a harmful homecoming..

In fact, it will be only a single harsh voice,

and in no time they will be (brought) into the plain (of Hashr).

Has there come to you the narrative about Musa?

(Recall) when his Lord called to him in the blessed valley of Tuwa:

.Go to Firaun (Pharaoh). Indeed, he has crossed all bounds.

And say (to him,) =Would you like to purify yourself,

and that I should guide you to your Lord, so that you fear (Him)?‘.

So, he (Musa) showed him the biggest sign.

But he rejected and disobeyed,

then he turned back, and tried hard (to refute the Messenger),

then he gathered (his people) and shouted

and said, .I am your supreme lord..

So, Allah seized him for an exemplary punishment in the Hereafter and the present world.

Indeed, there is a lesson for him who fears (Allah).

Is your creation more difficult or that of the sky? He has built it,

He has raised its height, then made it proper,

and darkened its night, and brought forth its daylight,

and, after that, He spread out the earth.

From it, He brought out its water and its meadows,

and firmly fixed the mountains,

(all this) as a benefit to you and your cattle.

So when the Greatest Havoc will take place

on the day when man will recall what he did,

and the Hell will be exposed for all who see,

then for the one who had rebelled,

and preferred the worldly life (to the Hereafter),

the Hell will be the abode,

whereas for the one who feared to stand before his Lord, and restrained his self from the (evil) desire,

the Paradise will be the abode.

They ask you (O Prophet,) about the Hour (the Day of Judgment) as to when it will take place.

In which capacity are you to tell this?

With your Lord is the final word about it.

You are only a warner for anyone who fears it.

The day they will see it, it will seem to them as if they did not live (in the world) but only for one afternoon or for the
morning thereof.