Meaning of Quran

As-Saffat | Those who set the Ranks

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

[37:1] (I swear) by those who stand in rows,

[37:2] then by those who prevent firmly,

[37:3] then by those who recite the dhikr,

[37:4] surely your God is but One,

[37:5] the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, and Lord of the points of sunrise.

[37:6] Verily, We have decorated the nearest sky with an adornment, the stars,

[37:7] and (have made them) security against every rebellious devil.

[37:8] They cannot listen to the Upper Realm and are hit from every side.

[37:9] to be driven off, and for them, there is a lasting punishment;

[37:10] however, if one snatches a little bit, he is pursued by a bright flame.

[37:11] Now ask them, Are they stronger in the formation of their bodies, or those (other beings) that We have created?. Certainly, We did create them from sticky clay.

[37:12] But you wonder (at their denial), and they mock (at the idea of a Hereafter).

[37:13] And when any advice is given to them, they pay no heed to it.

[37:14] And when they see a sign, they make fun of it,

[37:15] and say, This is nothing but open magic.

[37:16] Is it when we have died and become dust and bones, that we shall be raised again,

[37:17] and even our fathers of aforetime?

[37:18] Say, Yes, and you shall be disgraced (too)!

[37:19] So, it will be only a single castigating call, and all of a sudden they will begin to see.

[37:20] And they will be saying, Woe to us; this is the Day of Retribution.

[37:21] (It will be said to them,). This is the Day of Judgment that you used to deny.

[37:22] (It will be said to the angels,). Muster all those who were unjust, and their fellows, and whatever they used to worship.

[37:23] other than Allah, and show them the way to Jahannam,

[37:24] and stop them (for a while,) for they are to be asked some questions…

[37:25] (Then they will be asked, What is wrong with you that you do not help each other?

[37:26] On the contrary, that day all of them will have totally surrendered.

[37:27] And some of them (the followers of their chiefs) will turn to others (the chiefs), asking questions from one another.

[37:28] They (the followers) will say, You were the ones who used to come to (mislead) us forcefully…

[37:29] They (the chiefs) will say, On the contrary, you yourselves were not believers.

[37:30] We had no authority over you at all, but you yourselves were a transgressing people.

[37:31] So, the word of our Lord has come true against us. Indeed, we have to taste (the punishment).

[37:32] We did misguide you, (because) we were ourselves erroneous…

[37:33] So, that day, they will share each other in punishment.

[37:34] This is how We deal with the criminals.

[37:35] They were those to whom when it was said: There is no god but Allah., they waxed proud,

[37:36] and used to say, Are we really to leave our gods because of an insane poet?

[37:37] No, he has come with Truth and has confirmed all the messengers (of Allah).

[37:38] Surely you have to taste the painful punishment,__

[37:39] And you will be recompensed for nothing but for what you used to do___

[37:40] unlike Allah‘s chosen servants.

[37:41] Those are the people for whom there is a known provision,

[37:42] the fruits; and they will be honored.

[37:43] in Gardens of Bliss.

[37:44] facing each other on couches.

[37:45] They will be served with a cup from a flowing drink,

[37:46] (that will be) white (and) delicious for those who drink.

[37:47] There will be no headache therein, nor will they be intoxicated with it,

[37:48] and by their side there will be females restricting their gazes (to their husbands), having pretty big eyes,

[37:49] as if they were eggs hidden (under feathers, protected from polLution).

[37:50] Then they will turn to each other asking questions mutually.

[37:51] A speaker from them will say, I had a companion (in the worldly life)

[37:52] who used to say (to me), Are you one of those who believe?

[37:53] Is it when we have died and become dust and bones? Is it true that we are going to be recompensed (for our deeds)?.

[37:54] He (the speaker) will say (to other people in Paradise). Would you like to have a look (at Jahannam to find out what happened to that companion of mine)?.

[37:55] So he will look and will see him in the middle of Jahannam.

[37:56] He (the speaker) will say (to his companion seen in Jahannam ), By Allah, you were going almost to ruin me.

[37:57] But for the favor of my Lord, I would have been among those produced for punishment…

[37:58] (Then the speaker will address other people of Paradise in delight and wonder, saying,). Are we not then to die anymore.

[37:59] beyond our first death, nor are we going to be punished?

[37:60] This is, indeed, a great achievement.

[37:61] For this kind (of achievement), all workers must work.

[37:62] Is that (blissful Paradise) better for hospitality or the tree of zaqqum?

[37:63] We have made it a test for the unjust.

[37:64] It is a tree that comes forth in the bottom of Jahannam.

[37:65] Its fruits are like the heads of devils.

[37:66] So, they have to eat from it and have to fill their bellies with it.

[37:67] Then they will have, on top of it, a mixture made of boiling water.

[37:68] Then, their final return is to the Fire.

[37:69] They found their fathers on the wrong path.

[37:70] So, they used to run in their footsteps.

[37:71] Most of the earlier ones (too) had gone astray before them.

[37:72] We did send warners among them.

[37:73] So look, how was the end of those warned.

[37:74] except Allah‘s chosen servants.

[37:75] And Nuh did call Us (for help after he was disappointed with his people), so (We accepted his prayer, as) We are the best to respond.

[37:76] And We delivered him and his family from the great agony,

[37:77] and made his progeny the sole survivors (from the Deluge).

[37:78] And We left for him (a word of praise) among the later people, (that is):

[37:79] Salam be on Nuh among (the people of) all the worlds.

[37:80] Certainly, this is how We reward those who are good in their deeds.

[37:81] He was one of Our believing servants.

[37:82] Then, we drowned others.

[37:83] And certainly one of his adherents was Ibrahim.

[37:84] (Remember) when he came to his Lord with a pure heart,

[37:85] when he said to his father and his people, What is that which you worship?

[37:86] Do you wish (to have) fallacious gods other than Allah?

[37:87] Then, what do you think about the Lord of the worlds?

[37:88] Then, he cast a look at the stars,

[37:89] and then said, I feel indisposed.

[37:90] So they went away from him, turning their backs.

[37:91] And he made his way to their gods‘ and said to them, Why would you not eat?

[37:92] What is wrong with you that you do not speak?

[37:93] Then he attacked them striking with his right hand.

[37:94] Then, they (the idolaters) came to him rushing.

[37:95] He said, Do you worship what is carved by yourselves,

[37:96] while Allah has created you and what you make?.

[37:97] They said, Build for him a structure, and throw him into the blazing fire…

[37:98] So, they intended to bring harm to him, but We made them the lowest (by frustrating their plan).

[37:99] And he said, I am going to my Lord. He will show me the way.

[37:100] O my Lord, bless me with a righteous son…

[37:101] So, We gave him the good news of a forbearing boy.

[37:102] Thereafter, when he (the boy) reached an age in which he could work with him, he (Ibrahim) said, O my little son, I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering you, so consider, what is your opinion?. He said, O my dear father, do what you have been ordered to do. You will find me, insha‘allah, (if Allah wills) one of those who endure patiently…

[37:103] So, (it was a great episode) when both of them submitted themselves (to Allah‘s will), and he laid him on his forehead (to slaughter him),

[37:104] and then We called out to him, O Ibrahim,

[37:105] you did make the dream come true.. This is how We reward those who are good in their deeds.

[37:106] This was indeed a trial that clearly demonstrated (their obedience).

[37:107] And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice,

[37:108] and We left for him (a word of praise) among the later people,

[37:109] (that is,). Salam be on Ibrahim!

[37:110] This is how We reward those who are good in their deeds.

[37:111] Surely, he is among Our believing servants.

[37:112] And We gave him the good news of Ishaq (Isaac), a prophet from among the righteous.

[37:113] And We did bless him, and IsHaq. And among the progeny of both of them, some are good and some are utterly unjust to their own selves.

[37:114] Certainly We bestowed favors upon Musa and Harun,

[37:115] and We delivered them and their people from the great agony,

[37:116] and We helped them, so they became victors,

[37:117] and We gave them the clear book,

[37:118] and guided them to the straight path.

[37:119] And We left for them (a word of praise) among the later people,

[37:120] (that is,) Salam be on Musa and Harun!

[37:121] This is how We reward those who are good in their deeds.

[37:122] Surely, both of them were among Our believing servants.

[37:123] And surely, Ilyas is one of the messengers.

[37:124] (Remember) when he said to his people: Do you not fear Allah?

[37:125] Do you invoke Baal and ignore the Best of the creators,

[37:126] that is, Allah who is your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?

[37:127] Then they rejected him. Therefore, they will be arraigned –

[37:128] except Allah‘s chosen servants.

[37:129] And We left for him (a word of praise) among the later people,

[37:130] (that is,) .Salam on Ilyasin (Ilyas).

[37:131] This is how We reward those who are good in their deeds.

[37:132] Surely, he was from among Our believing servants.

[37:133] And surely, Lut is one of the messengers.

[37:134] (Remember) when We saved him and his family, all of them,

[37:135] except an old woman among those remaining behind.

[37:136] After that, We destroyed others

[37:137] and you do pass by them at daybreak

[37:138] and by nightfall. Would you still not understand?

[37:139] And surely, Yunus (Jonah) is from among the messengers.

[37:140] (Remember) when he ran away towards the boat that was already loaded.

[37:141] Then he participated in drawing lots (to offload one of the passengers) and was the one who was defeated.

[37:142] Then the fish swallowed him while he was reproaching his own self.

[37:143] Had he not been of those who proclaim Allah‘s purity,

[37:144] he would have definitely lived in its belly till the day when the dead will be raised.

[37:145] Then We cast him ashore in the open while he was ill,

[37:146] and We caused a tree of ourds to grow over him.

[37:147] And We had sent him (as messenger) to one hundred thousand, or more.

[37:148] So, they believed, then, We let them enjoy for a time.

[37:149] So ask them, Does your Lord have daughters while they have sons?

[37:150] Or, had We created angels as females while they were witnessing?

[37:151] Beware! They are the ones who, by way of a lie of theirs, (have the audacity to) say,

[37:152] .Allah has children. – and they are absolute liars.

[37:153] Is it that Allah has chosen daughters (for Himself) instead of sons?

[37:154] What is the matter with you? How (arbitrarily) do you judge?

[37:155] Then, is it that you do not think about it?

[37:156] Or, is it that there is some open authority with you?

[37:157] Then bring your book, if you are truthful.

[37:158] And they have made up between Him (Allah) and the Jinns some kinship, while the Jinns already know that they are bound to be seized.__

[37:159] __Pure is Allah from what they describe__

[37:160] except Allah‘s chosen servants.

[37:161] So, you and those whom you worship,

[37:162] none of you can make anyone turn away from Him (Allah),

[37:163] except him who is to burn in Jahannam.

[37:164] And (the angels say,). There is no one among us who does not have a known station,

[37:165] and We, surely We, are those who stand in rows

[37:166] and We, surely We, are those who proclaim Allah‘s purity…

[37:167] And they (the pagans) used to say,

[37:168] .Had there been a scripture with us like that of the former people,

[37:169] we would have certainly been Allah‘s chosen servants…

[37:170] Then (once the divine book came to them,) they disbelieved in it. So, very soon they will come to know.

[37:171] And Our Word has already come to pass in favor of Our servants, the messengers

[37:172] (that) they are the ones who will be supported,

[37:173] and verily it is Our army (of chosen servants) that prevails.

[37:174] So, withdraw your attention from them for some time.

[37:175] But, watch them. They shall soon see (the reality).

[37:176] Are they asking for Our punishment to come sooner?

[37:177] So, when it will descend in their courtyard, then, evil will be the morning of those warned.

[37:178] So, withdraw your attention from them for some time,

[37:179] and watch. They shall soon see (the reality).

[37:180] Pure is your Lord, the Lord of all might and honor, from what they describe

[37:181] and Salam be on the messengers.

[37:182] and praised is Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.