Meaning of Quran


At-Takwir | The Overthrowing

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

[81:1] When the sun will be folded up,

[81:2] and when the stars will swoop down,

[81:3] and when the mountains will be set in motion,

[81:4] and when the ten-months pregnant she-camels will be abandoned,

[81:5] and when the wild beasts will be gathered together,

[81:6] and when the seas will be flared up,

[81:7] and when the people will be arranged in categories,

[81:8] and when the girl-child that was buried alive will be asked,

[81:9] for what sin she was killed,

[81:10] and when the scrolls (of deeds) will be unrolled,

[81:11] and when the sky will be stripped off,

[81:12] and when the Hell will be set ablaze,

[81:13] and when the Paradise will be brought close,

[81:14] then everyone will know what he (or she) has put forward.

[81:15] So, I swear by those (stars) that recede,

[81:16] that proceed, that withdraw from the scene,

[81:17] and by the night when it departs,

[81:18] and the morning when it starts breathing,

[81:19] it (the Qur‘an) is surely the word of a noble messenger (Jibra‘il),

[81:20] the one possessing power and a high status with the Lord of the Throne,

[81:21] the one obeyed there, trusted.

[81:22] Your companion (Muhammad ) is not a madman,

[81:23] and he did see him (Jibra‘il) on the clear horizon.

[81:24] And he (the Prophet) is not stingy about (the news of) the unseen.

[81:25] Nor is it the word of an outcast satan (devil).

[81:26] Then where are you going?

[81:27] It is nothing else but a message of advice for all the worlds,

[81:28] for the benefit of anyone from among you who intends to go straight.

[81:29] And you cannot intend (to do anything) unless it is so willed by Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.